It’s so easy!

I was desperate to travel and had waited years for someone to come to Europe with me. Finally I decided enough was enough. It was my dream, yet I was waiting on other people to help me fulfil it.

Trembling as my family disappeared out of sight, I showed my crisp new passport at the security gates of Winnipeg International Airport. It might have been terrifying, but it was the best thing I ever did for myself. On a tour, I had friends to be with when I wanted company and I could  stroll ancient streets on my own when I needed quiet contemplation.

92a athens

A tribute to the 90’s fashion.

Travel changed my life, gave me confidence and altered my future as I now live and work in Europe and the UK.

Today as I look around at my circle of friends and family who always said ‘Not yet’, most of them still haven’t done it because life got in the way.  It’s too late for them now, for one reason or another.  Some of them aren’t here anymore.

So here I sit, 26 years later, from my home in England and I say to you, do it now!

As soon as you meet your group, and are sitting in a little circle of like minded people, all there to help and look out for one another, you will wonder what on earth you were worried about.                                     



I toured alone in 2009. The terrifying thing was getting out my own front door. After that, everything was a breeze. With experienced guides like Susan and Kevin, and new people to meet on my travels, I had a great time. I can only encourage you to take a deep breath, brave up, and go for it.





Coming from my island state I didn’t know what to expect for my first time travelling Europe!! I was placed in a group of amazing individuals who had different ideas of what they wanted to experience, plus many I am still in contact with and some even took me under their wing!! I shared so much with so few and was led by two amazing people who taught us to follow the sun!!  





I travelled alone until I got on the tour, then I made a whole load of new friends. On the first day I sat next to a lovely girl called Felicity and we have become friends for life. The nature of the group and being paired with a roomie, means that you don’t need to worry so much about being alone, you can join in and do different activities with different people. Nearly 5 years on I am still Facebook friends with most of our group and on my two trips home I have caught up with a few of them.




For me it was quite scary. I had never been overseas and I was embarking on a 21 days bus tour with a group of strangers. But the day I met you and Kev and the rest of the gang I knew it would be okay! You two are great and you made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Not to mention after a couple days we had all bonded so much it was like one big happy family. I made some great friends of whom I still talk to a few and it’s been 6 years since the tour! Best experience of my life!




Fantastic, empowering, met so many people, even when I was on my own in between tours travelling through Europe. I’m so happy I did it. 






From the very first day we formed a small group of singles, there was always someone wanting to do what you wanted to do, you could choose the company or hang out by yourself. I am in still in contact with so many of the tour from all over the world. Oh and I still quote some of Susan’s sayings, that knowledge is priceless!




I was 21 – it was the first time I travelled on my own, and the first time I’d been overseas! It was a little scary at first, but being in a group environment was fantastic as it gave me so much confidence and I made friends for life. I also felt the freedom to either see the sights with my fellow travellers or do things on my own. It was the best experience of my life-wouldn’t hesitate to travel alone again.




Although I was travelling alone, I was never lonely. I took turns at rooming with the other solo ladies and between us we kept each other company for sightseeing, lazy lunches and shopping trips, but we were equally understanding if any of us wanted an “alone day” to relax or explore by ourselves. I didn’t feel isolated as a solo traveller, as the group dinners were a great time to get to know our tour group and we often met up with other members of the tour when out and about and would team up for lunches or finding the local attractions. Susan’s tip sheets were a huge help with learning the local culture and deciding what sights to take in and most importantly how to say “cheers” in the local language.



 It was my first time overseas and I didn’t want the craziness of Contiki and didn’t feel I could back pack alone. I was 29 and recently single and everyday I thank god I had the guts to go alone. The first evening we met up to start the tour, you made friends and still have those friends today. There were plenty of people on board the bus so we could hang with different people each day if we wanted. There were others singles and friends and couples too. As a single traveller I never had to compromise to please others I was travelling with. I was a free agent to mix and mingle as I pleased and to tag along with people who wanted to do the same activities as me. My room mates were awesome, never felt alone once. That first trip was memorable and my travel bug started there and still jumps around inside me today!



It was a scary thought at first, but it took me out of my comfort zone and when I got on tour I met the most amazing people and have never looked back since. It helped me grow as a person and I’m looking forward to doing it again!!





I found travelling on my own, very liberating. I did some things with other travellers, then there were days where I wanted to be on my own. I found the days when I was on my own, I was much more aware of what the city had to offer. You have the best of both worlds when you travel on your own. You can hang out with other travellers (and there were plenty of single travellers on my first tour) or spend time on your own, without distraction. The choice is yours!!