Testimonials from some of the people who travelled with us – 2005 to 2015



Thanks to Kevin & you for an Amazing Tour. I definitely will be recommending this to others. I have some amazing stories and memories from the trip that I’m sure I’ll still be talking about in 20 years from now.

Lana Rose:

Hey Susan we took on your advice about the best gelato being covered and honestly it was the best gelato we have had besides fennochio in nice. Thanks for an awesome trip missing everyone already



Europe has been amazing! Had the privilege of meeting & travelling with some great people & see a whole bunch of weird, wonderful & beautiful places! There have been highs and lows; mostly highs though. Truly an experience I’ll never forget!! Two more days left until it’s back to reality for this guy (a very, very broke reality) Ha ha but wouldn’t change that for anything!! And a huge thank you to Susan & Kev for being ridiculously amazing at their job of tour guide & driver! To the rest of get lucky family, thanks for all the good times & laughs! Those of you still travelling, I wish you all the best & safe journeys  Those of you back to reality… Where we going next??



To my tour family including our amazing tour guide and bus driver. Kevin and Susan. Thank you for the most incredible 3 weeks of my life. Together we: made it through phase 2, tried new food and experiences, dodged the gypsies and pick pocketers, spent too much money on toilets, saw the most incredible historical sites, cathedrals and castles, got lost, drove, sailed, rode, walked and ate our way through Europe, endured many pizza-kebab-gelato-pasta induced food comas, drank too much, danced, sung and laughed to the point of crying whilst making memories to last a lifetime! My trip wouldn’t be half as memorable without you all! Safe travels to and beyond London! Keep in touch xx    Advice: Don’t be too loud when walking the streets at night, particularly in Austria…unless you don’t mind a water (?) bomb smashed at your body!



Had an amazing trip. It was great to meet everyone and share the adventure. Safe travels to everyone who is continuing on. I’m on my way to the airport now  A huge thanks to Susan and Kevin for making the trip the best adventure I could have asked and for getting us around safely.




1911990_10152718179878009_786812217_nSophie : 

If you are interested in doing a Europe Tour this year. I highly recommend you do this tour!! Words can’t even describe the amazing experiences and memories; especially with Susan Burn and Kevin Burn. Without a doubt it wouldn’t have been as good without them xx





Here here! Everything Luke said is spot on. Some of the best memories of my life happened on tour with Susan and Kevin at the helm!





Ditto! We have made friends for life and have such wonderful memories! Thanks Susan & Kevin!






Anyone who is interested in travelling Europe please try goabouteurope.
We travelled with Susan Burn as tour guide & Kevin Burn as driver in 2010 & can’t say enough about how great they are. 
You finish the trip more ready to tackle places on your own & nobody has better tips (like quickest way into places, when to pre-book tickets, how the public transport works, etc.) than Susan.




Hey hey to all my FB friends. This is Kevin and Susan Burn, they are the awesome couple who took Ilyse and myself on our tour around Central Europe mid last year (2012). The company they were working for unfortunately folded up a couple of months after our tour. Kevin and Susan have been doing tours all over Europe for quite a long time and have decided to give it a go off their own bat. If anyone is interested in going over and seeing a lot of what we don’t have over here, ie: “old” history, great food and wine, other cultures, great people and did I mention “old” history? Do yourself a favour and have a look at this tour. If you decide to jet off overseas and join Kev &  Susan, take it from Lys and me and all of our tour buddies, you wont be disappointed!

Luke:  (again)

If anyone out there in FB land are thinking of doing a European tour this year I recommend that you get in contact with Susan and Kevin Burn. They would have to be up there with the best if not THE best tour guides on the ground. Susan’s knowledge of local custom and culture is mind blowing and her knowledge of the history of the places you’ll pass through is second to none. Kevin’s bus is always immaculate inside and out especially his widows as he cleans them at every stop so you always have a awesome view of the country side and cityscapes, plus he’s a top bloke to sit down and have a beer with. IlyseHayleyTimAnnaMitchell,EmmaTanyaKarl, Omar, Conner, Kendall and I have all become friends for life with the experiences and memories to match. We couldn’t recommend Susan and Kevin’s tours enough. But don’t take our word for it, get over there and do it!!


24378_377279333033_4199398_nHeath and Claire:

Thank you for an unforgettable journey through Europe. What was said at the start of the magical adventure was true.It is not all the photos of the Eiffel tower or the Colosseum that make the memories but all the stories that are left to tell for years to come.

The fantastic dinners and the quirky breakfasts. Walking through Rome on a 45 degree day. The illuminated Eiffel tower as seen from the Seine river and the back entrances to many tourist attractions to skip queues. The snails in Nice and the Grand Casino in Monaco. The gorgeous views from the hotel in Interlaken and the fun at Bebbe’s restaurant. The steins and segways through Germany All of these are just a few of the memories that will stay with us for a very long time. One thing that will also stay for ever are the memories of all the great new friends we have made over the last 28 days.
The only regretful thing from this tour is not buying the stuff when I saw it or doing some of the activities. Remind the next group that money is no good to you when you die so get out there and have a blast and make your own special memories.
May be one day I will be able to join you both on tour again as either a tourist, a trainee guide or driver. Safe travels and stay in touch. If you are ever in Melbourne we will be happy to show you around our little town


Jill and Geoff     Bendigo,Victoria,Australia.

Susan and Kevin were amazing .We had the Trip of a Lifetime with their friendly and professional nature. Started in Vienna and travelled through to Paris. Just thought we had found the best company to further travel with and it folded. So glad they have started out on their own and we certainly will be looking out for a tour that suits us. Hopefully Greece,Turkey, Italy in 2014 and will be asking friends to join us to experience the History,Fun ,Food and Kevin’s great driving. We are in our 60’s but because we are young at heart and fit, we fitted in beautifully. All the Best.



Susan and Kev couldn’t have provided a more enjoyable experience for us. Their knowledge of local cities was comprehensive. Selection of restaurants for group meals was fantastic. Accom was above our expectations, along with breakfasts provided. Bus was very clean, Kev even applied tyre black! Windows were always clean. We would recommend Susan and Kevin to others and hope to enjoy their company again on another tour in the future.



429023_10150686782691005_1571442520_n Sagar:

Everything ranging from the lovely theme restaurants picked and little tips provided by Susan were fantastic. Would like to advise we had a fantastic overall experience and are a couple of very satisfied customers. We would also like to commend the format and set-up of the tour, which had the perfect balance between pre-organised and individual space, at the same time promoting group activity. Susan and Kevin who had the right blend of organised professional/ relaxed/ humorous/ accommodating/patient/ and extremely helpful mix –  made our trip, the best we have ever had. Thank you for the lovely service and keep up the good work, this is what great organisations are made of.



Susan & Kevin’s experience made for an excellent experience. Before the tour my greatest fear was that I would quickly hate the bus travel but even that proved to be far more entertaining than I expected. When visiting cities I had never been to before, Susan was enlightening – when visiting cities I had been too before, I truly realised how much I had missed the last time through. Having travelled before I am well aware of the headaches we never faced thanks to Susan and Kevin – could not be happier with the whole experience. My only regret was that it was only 21 days.




My partner and I booked individually and did not indicate that we were a couple, however Susan re-jigged it so that we shared a room every night on the tour. This made the tour so much more enjoyable and endless thanks to her for arranging this for us. Also the bus driver we had for a day to take us to Pompeii made us all realise what a professional Kevin was and appreciate him that much more.





I was very grateful to tour with not only a great tour guide and driver, but also a genuinely great group of people. I can’t begin to imagine how much more money I would have spent had I not done this guided tour. I probably wouldn’t have seen as much as I did in such a short amount of time. I’m so glad I did this tour, and I thank you!




I cannot say enough good things about this tour, especially regarding our tour leader (Susan) and driver (Kevin). Susan gave the perfect amount of historical and modern history for each city, throwing in bits of trivia, and putting everyone at ease and in good moods with her jokes and happy character. She was also immaculately prepared! She would give us city maps, metro maps, and a rundown of what to see, when it’s open, how much it costs, explaining everything clearly and patiently giving extra help to those of us who are map-challenged. Kevin also put a lot of his off-work time in keeping the bus clean and running beautifully, which was immensely appreciated considering how much time we spent in the coach! He spent so many long hours driving through sun, rain, and snow, but never once complained and was always so friendly and cheerful. Susan and Kevin are such a great team and helped make this tour absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough good things about this tour!


I have nothing bad to say about this tour at all! I have had a wonderful time and there is nothing bad to say about Kevin and Susan. They work really well together. Susan is so friendly and so helpful. She makes sure we know where we are going and how to get places before we even get off the coach to the hotel! Kevin is brilliant too. He gets us safely to our destinations despite all the other crazy drivers here! Both are a pleasure to talk to and I would love to do another tour with them.



A very enjoyable life experience made even more memorable by a great tour leader and driver.







I found the tour to be exceptional in every sense of the word largely due to the efforts of Susan and Kevin (guides). They are outstanding in their respective roles and we had a great time. All the optionals were excellent. My tour of Europe was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. The sights, tour inclusions, optionals, food, hotels and of course the great group of people we travelled with far exceeded my expectations. There was so much variety in the activities suggested and a great balance of organisation and free time. Than Susan and Kevin for an awesome holiday.




I found the overall experience of my tour amazing, Sue and Kevin made the experience all the more awesome. From the moment I joined the tour in Rome I felt part of the experience. Travelling by myself was something i had never done before and within hours I felt part of group. The whole experience for me was a highlight. Wow what an amazing experience my European tour was. Travelling by myself was something I had never had the opportunity to do but found it to be a life changing experience and doing it with a fantastic group of people made it all the more special, I believe I have made great friends for life. As for our Tour guides Sue and Kevin they are two of the kindest, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and fun people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. They made the whole experience unforgettable!! The local knowledge they imparted on us novice travellers was invaluable. Thanks so much to the Kumuka team from the moment I booked to the time our tour parted in Paris it was and unforgettable experience.



Susan was fantastic, helpful at all times, information outstanding, general knowledge brilliant.  Made travelling a pleasure and very enjoyable.






Susan and Kev were FANTASTIC!!! Had a blast! Susan was VERY helpful with small tip bits like places to visit and with bigger things like showing us how to use the local transport etc. Highly recommended, had a ball!





Kevin and Susan really made this trip for me, they obviously love what they do, are incredibly helpful, and are very well greeted at all hotels, restaurants and other extra bookings. I will be returning to do Paris to Rome with Kevin and Susan next year. Well done, I always swore I would not do an organised bus trip but seriously Kevin and Susan made this trip for me thank you
Swore I would never do a bus tour of Europe, but I honestly had the time of my life.



Kevin and Susan were fabulous tour leaders – knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.






Susan and Kevin were wonderful. We were very lucky to have them – they went over and above their duties.




We would like to thank Susan & Kev for being a fantastic tour director & driver. We had a fantastic time on our tour and will definitely recommend them to our friends!


Michelle in ParisMichelle:
Loved travelling to Europe for the first time. Loved the balance of group activity and ability to do your own thing as you please.
Kevin and Susan Burn really helped to make the tour enjoyable and informative. Susan’s tip sheets were invaluable.




Travelling with Kumuka was a great experience, there is so much free time to travel the way you want, and the optional activities are great. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide and driver combination than Susan and Kevin, they are very organised, easy to get along with and great to travel with.






The tour was exceptionally well organised and all advice provided for each local town/area was above and beyond what we had expected from a tour. Kevin and Susan provided a fantastic atmosphere that helped bond the group and give everybody the confidence to become better travellers. Thanks Kev and Susan, the tour was more than we could have wished for.



Susan and Kevin were fantastic hosts and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Always happy to answer questions and Susan was full of useful tips and tricks. A very lovely and friendly couple.




Really enjoyed Susan’s extra information and backgrounds to places, both Kev and Susan were very approachable and helpful. Susan’s guides made our planning really manageable and time efficient. Thanks for a great trip!




Please thank our Tour Guides for their helpfulness and their friendliness. They helped to make our trip really informative and we had a really great time. Thanks to Susan & Kevin.


I absolutely loved my Central Europe tour. Thanks so much to Susan & Kevin for being a fantastic guide & driver team! You and the rest of the tour group made my first overseas trip wonderfully memorable. Susan’s introductions for each country/city were so helpful, with overviews of the culture, public transport, maps, and things to see and do. Being able to pick and choose what you wanted to see, and then get yourself around a completely foreign city with a fair bit of confidence was so liberating! And it was comforting that you could be wandering around such large cities in foreign countries and still bump into someone you know from the tour. Thanks again for such a wonderful time!


the romance of VenicePhil:
We just loved our experience and all that it had to offer. We were blessed with a great leader, driver and wonderful people on the tour. We had perfect weather and we all shared so many firsts. We will be back for another tour.




Susan and Kevin are adorable, very helpful and friendly! Super tour leaders! Excellent job!!  Every city and the tour leaders made it more special.


I loved the whole thing! It was an amazing tour, so well organised. The tour leaders were brilliant and had great information and advice on not only the tour destination but travelling tips making for a really fun and enjoyable travelling experience. It is such a fantastic experience, I would highly recommend to everyone.




Great Tour Susan/Kevin We had a great time. Will remember it for the rest of our lives the countries we visited. Thanks



I recently spent 28 days (most of September) touring Europe with Susan and Kev and a bus load of mainly Australian tourists. I was travelling with a friend who had never been to Europe before and while keen to revisit some favourites I had my doubts about how enjoyable it would be to do it as part of such a large organised group. I’m glad to say that I had a great time. I loved the set up that took the hassle out of transport and accommodation but still left me free in each city to decide how I wanted to spend my time – while offering some great advice on how to make the best of that time. Susan and Kev worked together brilliantly as a team, smoothing out the inevitable wrinkles and providing extra support where necessary and making it all appear effortless. Second only to be treating like a thinking adult individual and not one of a mindless herd, my favourite aspect of their work was the wonderful descriptions and explanations Susan provided as we travelled from country to country. She said a lot without rambling on ad nauseam and all that she said was interesting and/or useful. Thanks to them both and to you for employing them.




Susan and Kev where very helpful, giving us local information and lots of great tips. they made my first overseas tour an absolute pleasure with little stress. I am madly recommending them to everyone who asks who my holiday went.





Our Tour Leader Susan and Driver Kevin were fantastic. I had the holiday that I always wanted and had never gotten around to letting myself go on. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!!!!!





The whole adventure was wonderful and we were so lucky to have such an experienced team to guide us. Susan and Kevin absolutely made our tour!  It is a great way to tour as it allows greater freedom of choice with activities.





A big thank you to Susan & Kevin Burn and the fantastic group on our European tour in May 2009! Susan our Tour Leader & Kevin our driver ensured we had a fun, safe, informed and memorable experience. Their knowledge of Europe and advice to us on how to be travellers was fantastic – we felt so much more confident in our ability to explore places on our own. We want to do it all again!




When you hired our Tour Leader (Susan) and Driver (Kevin) you hit on two people who really knew how to run a great tour. The perfect mix of guided tour and letting you get out there and discover the world for yourself.





I did a tour which was from the 1 July – 10 July. This is a great introduction for first time travellers. Our Tour leaders were Susan & Kev and they did a great job. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and I am defiantly doing the remainder of it next year. The accommodation was better then I expected and we had a really good group of people. Thanks to Susan & Kev for a great tour.



Describing Susan, Kev & the Kumuka tour as Excellent is an understatement! Susan was an AMAZING tour leader, funny and vivacious! As for Kevin… the guy was a driving master! Nothing was too much effort for these guys and their wealth of knowledge was a big plus! We had always wanted to visit Europe and this tour was the perfect tasting plate! We did the European Escapade tour as part of our honeymoon and have recommended it to several of our friends who are travelling in the near future… this isn’t a tour where you are just another tourist… it’s a learning experience for an apprentice TRAVELLER!!








Hi there, just returned from our Europe tour London to Rome! What a wonderful time we had! Thanks to our tour leaders Susan and Kev they were great they really made our dream came true! They were professional and smart! The tour was really value for money, very happy with accommodation and quality of restaurants! Switzerland was great! We had a wonderful time! Ria and Dries from South Africa.





I had the time of my life on this trip and I will never be able to thank Susan and Kevin enough for making it such a wonderful holiday. I will be recommending this tour to everyone!! Well done, fantastic value for money and excellent optional activities. Very well organised.




Susan and Kevin were fantastic couldn’t have asked for better tour leaders, they made it a very pleasant experience.





Yeah loved every minute of it. And yes Susan and Kevin were great.  Thanks







I would like to take this opportunity to give you some positive information about the wonderful European Winter Tour I had with my daughter which started on 28th November 2009. We were so lucky to have Kevin and Susan as our driver and guide. They are both amazing.  Kevin has to be the best tour driver in the world and Susan a tour guide with so much knowledge and information that made our holiday so memorable. It was a wonderful experience for me because it was my first time in Europe. Every city we visited was unique and beautiful. There are too many highlights. Thank you.



Our tour guide Susan and driver Kevin made the experience so relaxing and informative. I couldn’t fault anything on the trip, we had an amazing time. For the first major overseas journey it definitely exceeded our expectations.





Susan and Kevin were brilliant in organising and communicating excellent information about each country we visited. I will definitely recommend friends to tour with them. Their intentions were for the tour group to be able to travel independently and I think they achieved this very well. I will be able to travel independently next trip because of Susan and Kevin.


Have just returned from a 21 day trip around Europe, taking in eight countries. Was my first trip travelling alone. Had a wonderful time! Was made to feel very welcome and comfortable my not only our tour guide Susan and driver Kevin but all my fellow travellers. Susan provided plenty of useful information about each country that we passed through and was keen for all of us to experience everything that Europe had to offer. Our driver Kevin was also very helpful and drove us safely between all the countries we visited. I would recommend ** to anyone and would also encourage people to travel to Europe during winter…. its cold but still very beautiful.


Being our first tour and after being told from friends mixed responses we didn’t know what to expect. We have left the tour highly satisfied and only wanting to see more. A big thanks to ** but an even bigger thanks to Susan and Kevin who without them (I speak on behalf of all the group) I don’t think we would’ve enjoyed the tour as much. The passion they have for doing these tours is expressed in everything they organise. Thanks for making the trip an enjoyable one; we’re looking forward to booking our next!


Our guides (Susan & Kev) helped make this trip a once in a lifetime experience better then we could have imagined.  Switzerland was definitely my favourite including the group meal. Getting to see Paris at night on the bus was also fantastic!




My partner and I have just returned from our first oversees holiday and choosing ** was a fantastic idea. Our tour guide and driver (Susan and Kevin) were great! Everything was well organised and made life easy. Loved the free days so we could see what we liked and we would certainly travel with them again. Thanks





I had an amazing tour! Just awesome! Kevin (Tour Driver) and Susan (Tour Leader) you both rock!


Just got back from Europe and just wanted to let you now what an awesome product you have. Our driver and tour guide were Susan and Kevin Burn and they were fantastic, Susan’s knowledge, experience and insight into the cities/countries we visited just added to the overall experience, to know the histories and stories around the things we were seeing helped give us a better understanding of what we were seeing/experiencing and to pick what we were going to do in our free time. Both Kevin and Susan were always happy to answer questions and assist us if we needed something. They provided all the information we needed, Susan’s guide to…… ( the cities we stopped in) gave us everything we needed ( Sightseeing , Food , Shopping , sneaky/quicker ways into sightseeing locations ) and even though we got off the tour once we arrived in Rome Susan gave me her guides to Rome and Venice so I could use then for my own travels. Also Susan organised a Paris cabaret show and again it was if you wanted to and no pressure so again it fitted budgets and what people wanted. Staying in hotels further out of the city centre to allow a better type of hotel works as well. All Hotels were by public transport and it really is only a quick trip into the cities and coming from a city without a metro system it was fun to travel on.



Thank you so much for a fantastic Holiday. It had everything I was looking for, not only the sights and countries I was interested in but I met fantastic people who made my trip the experience of a lifetime. Everyone was friendly and we all looked out for one another, very important for a solo female traveller. Thank you to Kevin and Susan, who taught me to be a better traveller. I now have the confidence to use any metro system in the world.



I wish to pass on our thanks and appreciation to Susan (Tour Leader) and Kevin (Tour Driver), what a marvellous Team. They are truly great ambassadors for your company! We thoroughly enjoyed our experience; it was everything we wanted it to be. Kevin & Susan are totally professional and we have already recommended ** to our friends. Pointing out that they must get Susan and Kevin! Susan’s handouts were invaluable and we were amazed at her knowledge, organisational skills and passion. She didn’t miss a beat! Hand outs, map marking, history of the places, She obviously loves her job! Kevin’s driving was A1, what a considerate driver! It was hard not to be lured off to sleep, his driving was so smooth, not to mention the loading and unloading of the luggage. We loved our experience and it was certainly enhanced by these two. We look forward to booking another tour in the future. Please pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Susan and Kevin. I would thoroughly recommend them if you want to experience a good balance between independent travel and group travel.


I have always had a fear of flying but finally took the plunge and booked my European trip. We chose our tour because of the tour length, where the tour was going but mainly because you got 2 nights in each city. I was so impressed with this tour I would do it again. I loved having things like transport, accommodation and some meals arranged but also loved the freedom of being able to do our own thing for dinner etc where and when we ended up at the end of the day. The information Susan our Tour Leader gave was valuable and I know we would not have gotten this on our own or on other tours (we know people who have gone on other tours and didn’t get half the information we got). Kevin our Tour Driver was such a lovely and kind man and at the end of my tour highlighted on my map for me the journey we took. I rate Kumuka top and have met so many wonderful people which I’m in contact with on facebook. Thank you.  You have now got my feet very itchy.


The European tour we took with Kumuka was amazing – each destination our tour leader/driver was very prepared with local information, all arrangements were flawless and the tour group got on very well. I don’t think I could’ve had a better European holiday!




Susan and Kevin where by far the most organised, friendly and useful guides I have ever come across.



I have just arrived back from doing a European  tour and I had the best holiday ever. The service provided by both Kevin and Susan Burn was exceptional and first class. Kevin’s driving was superb, even under pressure. Susan knowledge and expertise on the attractions, culture, history and people, cities visited were spot on. Susan even gave us language lessons on tour to help us communicate with the locals with ease, this I did not expect! The thing about that separates them from the rest of the other tour companies is that they teach you to travel independently and importantly give you valuable tips and pointers that other companies don’t want you to know because you could end travelling by yourself and not with them again. The beauty of travelling with ** is that they give you plenty of spare time to visit the major attractions, the meals and entertainment were fantastic and carefully reflected the culture of the places visited; the accommodation was of a good standard and conveniently located close to transport amenities near the city centre/in the city centre itself. Importantly what made my holiday a memory of a lifetime is the people on tour, you get the chance to make friends and keep in contact. They even helped me celebrate my birthday in Berlin in style – THIS WAS A TOTAL SURPRISE TO ME!!! I enjoyed the travel experience so much that I will definitely book my next holiday with them and have already made plans to do so.


Susan and Kevin really made this tour for me, they both knew what they were doing and loved their jobs. Susan’s local knowledge and her city guides were what really made the tour a success. When you are only in a city for a short while it really helps to know what and what not to bother attempting to see and when to do it. The free time was fantastic, it meant we could structure our holiday the way we wanted to and see and do the things we were interested in. anyone to travel with them.


The best thing about ** was not the ease in which we were able to book or ring direct to answer any of our booking questions. It wasn’t just Kevin and Susan’s professionalism as tour operators or the fantastic destinations. It was the way in which the entire tour worked – the fact that our guides taught us how to travel in Europe and be independent, to look past the tourist destinations and mingle with the locals. It was the ‘cheat sheets’ (Susan’s guide) on each place we visited and hints on activities, money, culture, public transport and even how to use the toilet system! It was the luxury of having guides with a passion who encouraged us to ‘get lost in the streets’ for the day and suck in the sights and smells. It was being able to do our ‘own thing’ not marched on and off a bus at specified destinations. Our first experience in Europe was enhanced not only by the tour planned, but what we learnt from participating in a ** tour – we have not learnt this on other tours.


Susan and Kevin are a wonderful team. They have given me an awesome first time experience to Europe with handy hints alongside to take away with me for further travel. I had such an awesome time and as travelling by myself, I felt safe and secure during my tour. But at the end of the day it’s what you make of your trip Susan and Kev give you a great starting point for you to explore. Thanks so much, I will travel again with you.




We had a wonderful time on the tour, Kevin & Susan were fantastic nothing was ever a problem to them, Susan really knew her stuff she had so many tips on getting into places such as the Louvre, Colosseum & Vatican City we hardly had to queue!! She was very informative on how to use all the metro train systems. Of all our holidays we have done we class this one as our ‘trip of a lifetime’. The sights were breathtaking and the pace was good.  Many thanks to Kevin & Susan



What an amazing month!! Kevin and Susan were terrific, so hardworking, helpful and they genuinely love what they do. This tour had the perfect balance of organised activities and free time. We were always comfortable and well looked after. The cities chosen were all so different, from the lights of Paris, to the alps, then the romance of Venice, post communist eastern block, the intensity and history of Berlin and finally chilling out in Amsterdam – a perfect European buffet




Susan and Kevin were great and the info that they provided us was invaluable even after we ended the tour and travelled around by ourselves.  Thanks for helping us plan and enjoy a fabulous holiday.


Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the ** tour I have just returned from. Susan and Kevin were my tour guides and were awesome. Always helpful and super organised, what a great team. Thanks for making my trip so memorable. Will definitely be recommending them to family and friends.






I recently travelled to Central Europe with ** for 28 days. My tour guide was sensational Susan and bus driver ‘Kool’ Kevin.  Just like to say it was a fantastic, well organised trip and I thank Susan, Kevin and the tour group for such a great trip. Susan and Kevin are truly a walking travel brochure. They shared with us their deep knowledge and passion for Europe and I’m so grateful for that. It made the travel experience a memorable one. As Susan would say, ‘I’d like to teach you to be travellers…’ I think she achieved this. And not to mention the wonderful friends I’ve met on this tour. We were a team! Cheers from a very satisfied traveller.







I returned from a European tour in June this year and have been meaning to write ever since, but life got in the way. Better late than never though! I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had. I was on the second Central Europe summer tour for the year – four weeks from London to Paris.Susan and Kevin were our tour leaders, and they made the tour the memorable trip that it was. They were both so professional but fun at the same time. Kevin’s expert driving made us feel in safe hands, and Susan was fantastic in giving us all the information we needed about each place, and being so helpful with anything we needed. I think they went beyond the call of duty to make sure we all had a good time.Before this trip, I hadn’t heard much about **, but booked  because of the “free days” in each place. Susan was so helpful in ensuring we had enough information about each place so that we could get the most out of our free time and I felt like we really got to see a lot of each city/town we were in.  Thank you to Susan, Kevin for a great trip!