Long Haul Flights and how to survive them


There is little as daunting as a 10 to 24 hour flight itinerary ahead of you.

Here are some tips and ideas that have helped make my flights as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Go online to the airline website and try to book your seats as soon as possible. You can use a site like Seat-guru to pick the best position.  It warns of hidden TV boxes and seats that may not recline.

Some planes now have electrical sockets, so bring your charge cables with you for tablets or telephones.   It’s also a good idea to put in your passport information and whatever else they ask of you online. This will save time at check in.

If you want to be served food first, you can order a special meal.  They pretty well cover everything nowadays from low salt to vegan to halal.

If you are checking in luggage and you don’t want to wait at the baggage carousel on arrival, ask them to put a fragile sticker on it, and it will treated with more care and come out first.

Always check your luggage for any damage and let the airline know immediately.  Get a damage report made up so you can either claim from the airline or from our travel insurance.

I bring my own bullet headphones, as they give far superior sound, and don’t hurt my ear cartilage.

If you can avoid eating the salty snacks and drink water, you will feel better later

*As of March 2017, there are restrictions on bringing tablets or computers in hand luggage, with some airlines. Check for up to date details before you travel.


How to sleep on a long haul flight


Change your watch to the time at your destination and ask for a couple of extra pillows and blankets.

Take off your shoes and put on some cosy socks.

Put one of the pillows behind your lower back and a second one underneath your bum, but on the edge of your seat, so you are padding the seat and taking the pressure off your tail bone.

Place your hand luggage under the seat in front of you so you can use it to raise your lower legs and feet.

Recline your seat, pad your side and neck with a sweater/jumper and use a sleeve as a sleep mask. Cover yourself up with a blanket with your seat belt done up over top of it.

Take an aspirin/painkiller or two. This will stop your body from hurting. I also take a melatonin pill and put in some earplugs.

This is the closest you can get to lying down in a single airline seat.