Where to begin in a city as big as London?

I have spent countless days wandering around London, seeing both the main tourist sites and the local areas. I like people watching, museums, and going into buildings and doorways that I pass.  I prefer to walk so as not to miss anything.

As information for London is so readily available and in depth, I will give you my personal reviews of the places I’ve been, and the ones I’ve heard good things about (still on my to do list). There are a gazillion things to see that might be your niche, but this is where I would take someone who wanted a really good overview of the city.

I leave it to you to research opening times, prices, and exact locations. Follow along on a sat nav or just get a proper map from your hotelier.

This is a path you can follow.  If you use this for orientation, you will have sore feet, but you can walk it in a day.  If you have the time, break it into a few days and go into the sites listed.

The main tourist area is very walkable. The transport system is extensive and easy to use, or if in doubt, jump in a black cab.  Now put on your most comfortable shoes, fill your water bottle, open your tourist map and follow along.

The sections are:

  1. Westminster to Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace
  2. Green Park to Piccadilly to Leicester Square
  3. Covent Garden to the Strand and city of London to St Paul’s Cathedral
  4. Millenium Bridge to Tate Modern to the Tower of London
  5. East End and Petticoat Lane to Spitalfields to Brick Lane