About goabouteurope


I absolutely love taking people through Europe.  My dream job has been tour guiding, and I am a true Euro-nerd.  This has been my profession since 1990.  My expertise lies in teaching people how to see the most of a city in the short time allotted to them.

Many tour guides spend their ‘free time’ organising and accompanying their clients from dust until dawn. I was lucky enough to work for a company for 7 years, that gave me a free day in a different city, every second day, so I got to be a tourist myself.29272_395171702335_4002314_n-e1472729490564

The sites and places I recommend, are all vetted by the hundreds of people I took through Europe every year.  If they didn’t like it, I have not included it.

I was born in Canada, but moved to Europe in 1989, and based in Northeast England since marrying Kevin, who is a driver.  If you need a driver-guide team for your travel, we have a selection of reviews from our former clients for you to look through.

If you have any questions about travel or want to contribute to the site, click the facebook logo on my homepage and send me a message.  I’d be happy to help you out if I can.


We scrubbed up for Monte Carlo Casino

We scrubbed up for Monte Carlo Casino