2. Green Park> Piccadilly Circus> Leicester Square


 On to Green Park


Once you are done with Buckingham, walk through Green Park on the opposite .  Take the path as if you are going to Green park metro station and Piccadilly Ave.

When you come out of the park, The Ritz Hotel is to the right.  Go inside for a look.  The entrance is on St James St. Maybe take a photo with the friendly doorman. If he asks, say you are going in for tea.



Hugh Grant at the Ritz Hotel in the film ‘Nottinghill’.


Have a good look down St James St and Old Bond St to see where the other half shops.

Carry on down Piccadilly and stop at Fortnum and Mason. This store dates back to 1707, and the clock on front of the building plays a tune every 15 minutes.  The sales clerks wear tail coats, and they are the Queen’s grocers. It’s brilliantly extravagant and the wine cellar is definitely worth a look.



The clock goes off every fifteen minutes.

Fortnum and Mason's fine shopping

Fortnum and Mason’s fine shopping











Across the street is the Royal Academy of fine arts, with changing exhibitions.

Carry on to St James church on the RHS of the road.  They hold antique markets and concerts.

At the top is Piccadilly Circus, and the famous statue of Eros to the side. I love Piccadilly, just to people watch.  It is a main junction to the different theatre, club and dining areas of central London.

If you go up Shaftsbury Ave, you will pass several theatres.  Dean Street and Wardour lead you into Soho, which is the red-light area and several clubs and bars.  The streets to the right off Shaftsbury lead you to China town and into Leicester square.  I can wander around this area for hours.


China Town


Leicester (Lester) Square are where they hold film premieres, and the main movie theatres are here. You will find other annoying attractions like M&M world and lots of cheap tourist gift shops.

You can also pick up last minute and reduced price tickets for the theatre shows.  In the middle of the square, by the park, is the TKTS booth.  There are other dealers around, but this is the official booth.  *Please also refer to my Theatre section for more information.


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