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Are you going on a coach tour of Europe?

Are you backpacking or glam-packing through Europe?

Travelling Europe alone or with others?

Do you want to know:


How to see the best of  London, Paris, Rome and Berlin in one day?199942_10150135170321088_4506169_n

What are the cultural differences and things to watch for? 

How does the public transportation work in big cities like Berlin, London and Paris?

What should I pack, how much money to bring and how to bring it?

How do I keep myself and my belongings safe while travelling?



For over 30 years, I have worked in Europe and around the world, as a tour manager, holiday brochure photographer and more.

I would ask my guests what they liked, and what advice they would give to their friends if they were travelling to Europe. Having visited hundreds of cities and sites first hand, and having been a solo traveler myself, here are travel tips and travel information.

As I travel to new destinations, I have added GoaboutWorld. This covers Thailand and Egypt.

My information is light hearted, in depth and everything you need to know for your trip.

So whether you are an independent traveler, backpacker or part of a coach tour group, let’s get started planning your trip to Europe!


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